Ultrasound Clinic

gynecologists helping woman understand the ultrasound

North Atlanta Women’s Care uses the best ultrasound technology that helps diagnose the cause of your symptoms and capture the clear, high-definition images of your baby. Whether you have abnormal bleeding, pelvic pain, or want to see the position and movement of your baby, our cutting-edge ultrasound technology helps us give you a thorough examination. North Atlanta Women’s Care is the preferred source of all-inclusive OB/GYN care for several women in Suwanee/Johns Creek, GA and the greater Atlanta area.

We have experienced and highly trained doctors and staff who provide ultrasound services with outstanding results. Our ultrasound procedures are safe, affordable, and convenient. We are committed to providing high-quality ultrasound services to the community of Suwanee/Johns Creek and surrounding locations, including Lawrenceville, Alpharetta, and Cumming, GA.

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What Symptoms Require an Ultrasound?

At North Atlanta Women’s Care, we use ultrasound technology for a variety of reasons. Ultrasounds are often performed at specific stages of a women’s pregnancy. We also use ultrasounds to assess:

Also, we use ultrasound technology if you require ultrasound-guided biopsy or have pain, swelling, infection, or any other symptoms that require a view of your internal bodily structures.

Types of Ultrasound

At North Atlanta Women’s Care, we use these types of ultrasounds for diagnosis and treatment:

Ultrasound FAQs

Yes, an ultrasound is considered safe as it does not produce harmful radiations, and no evidence indicates that it produces adverse effects. North Atlanta Women's Care understands the individual patient concerns and ensures a safe, professional, and nurturing environment for all its patients. All safety norms and precautionary measures are taken to ensure the patient’s wellbeing. However, we emphasize that ultrasound should be used only when your healthcare provider recommends it.

Generally, healthy women receive 3-4 ultrasound scans during pregnancy, one in the first trimester to confirm the due date and another around 11-13 weeks to detect any abnormalities in anatomy and to do chromosomal testing. A third is done at 18 to 22 weeks to assess thel anatomy. If any abnormalities are detected during an ultrasound, your doctor might recommend more. A 4th ultrasound growth scan is done in the third trimester.

The cost of ultrasound varies depending on the location, facility, insurance coverage, and who performs it, a physician or sonographer.

Insurance programs usually will cover the cost of the ultrasound if it is considered medically necessary. Your insurance company may not pay for the ultrasound if you have it for the reason that is not medically necessary. You can contact your insurance provider to check what kinds of ultrasounds are covered.