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Patient Portal and Lab Results

We strive to make getting lab results easy for our patients. Your lab test results are now easily accessible through our online Patient Portal. Lab results are normally back within 72 hours, but it may take up to a week for some tests. Please be advised that the office will notify you of your results if they are abnormal as soon as they are reviewed by the physician. In some cases, the Health Portal may show an abnormal value which the physician may not see as abnormal. For example, Varicella and Rubella labs are shown as abnormal in the portal, but elevated numbers can mean immunity from the virus, not the infection.

*Please note that Sequential Screenings, as well as Natera prenatal tests which includes Panorama and Horizon testing, can take up to
2 weeks. Natera test results are not available in the Patient Portal at this time. Those results are faxed to the office and we will notify
you of the results as soon as they arrive.
Patient Portal login information:

  1. Go to and click on Patient Portal link.
  2. Your username is the email address associated with the paperwork filled out at our office. For example, if is the email address registered with our office, then the username would be
    Please include the in the username.
  3. Once your username is verified, you may request a portal password using the same email address registered with our office.
    You should get an email in your inbox briefly after requesting a password.
    Feel free to contact the office at 770-771-5270 if you have any questions regarding your labs or accessing the Patient Portal.


Patient Portal

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